Civil law:

  • Family law
    • nuptial agreement
    • separation and divorce
    • nullity and annulment of marriage
  • Inheritance and donations
    • wills
    • acceptance of inheritance
    • inheritance actions
  • Right in rem effects
    • property
    • surface right
    • usufruct
    • right to use the house
  • Contract law
    • distribution contract
    • leasing and mortgage contract
    • surety contract
    • debt securities
  • Civil liability
    • traffic accident’s damage
    • accident at work
    • occupational disease
    • medical malpractice
    • environmental damage

Commercial law:
company law – Italian and foreign companies – negotiation assistance – pre
contractual advice – extraordinary corporate operations – shareholdings – trademarks – patents; banking law – special credits operations;

Administrative & tax law:
town planning law – planning instruments’ appeal – public works advice – tender
environmental law – landscape protection – protection of environmental assets
Tax law – financial administration dealing – international tax planning;

Trust is a juridical instrument that allows to solve a lot of patrimonial, financial and
management problems. It finds wide application for:
-planning inheritance;
-managing shares;
– tax planning;
-protecting vulnerable and disabled;
-heritage managing
-preserving collateral and guarantees
-bankruptcy proceedings
-heritage managing during marital crisis or during old age

-drafting trust instruments
-Trustee or Co-Trustee task
-Protector task
-trust contentious

Criminal law
– Bankruptcy crimes,
– crimes against the person (murder, stalking, bodily arm),
– crimes against property,
– crimes against justice, crimes against the public administration,
– assistance during the executive phase,
– environmental crimes (pollution & urbanistic),

litigation at Civil Jurisdiction, and at Supreme Court of Cassazione, and atConstitutional and European Courts representation at ordinary tax jurisdiction, and at Supreme Court of Cassazione, and at Constitutional and European Courts litigation at administrative jurisdiction, and at Supreme Court of State;

Our firm offers a special assistance in mediation proceeding, with regards to all commercial and civil disputes in international and domestic disputes